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Too wild for this world: essential rebellion in ultrarunning and entrepreneurship


Image from Buzzfeed http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/31-inspirational-style-quotes-to-live-by#.egapJPrOj
Image from Buzzfeed

Working for yourself is scary and challenging. This past week, I’ve interviewed a couple of young, creative entrepreneurs who are either in the process of, or already have taken the plunge into self employment.

Speaking with these guys, I was inspired, impressed, and most of all, struck by how similar entrepreneurship is to ultrarunning.

Passion to devote hours of time to something just because you love it. Strength to crush fear and self doubt, if only for a moment. A competitive spirit.

These thoughts have been resonating with me, not only because of the interviews, but because I, myself, have recently taken the daring leap.

That’s right! Starting this week, I’m officially (returning) to freelancing as my primary source of income.

Exciting! And terrifying.


We are the music makers, and We are the dreamers of dreams

Early October, 2014, I pushed aside the assortment of magazines spread on the coffee table in my chiropractor’s waiting room, flipped open the newspaper, and saw my very first byline. I remember the fleeting nervous chills and rush of joy that flooded my spine upon seeing my name in print, even before the doctor got cracking.

Autumn is a season of many transitions and anniversaries. I’m celebrating some and being haunted by others. The milestone I’m most excited about, though, is the completion of my first year as an *actual* writer.


Farming is hard

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I’ve been hearing a lot of that recently. The war cry of the weary in late July. In fact, if I had a dollar for every conversation I hear about how hard farming is, I could quit my…

oh, wait.. never mind!!

But it is. I live with a farmer, some of my closest friends are farmers, and I occasionally volunteer on farms while managing my own budding homestead. It’s a lot of really, really hard work.