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My 2018 year-end review

Today’s the day after Christmas. I’m supposed to be at the ski park with my husband (big news!) but instead, I’m home with a sore back. So, I decided to make the most of my sidelined state and write a long-overdue update that doubles as my new year review. I know, it’s been a while…

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Sayonara, 2016

And thank you! Thank YOU! The person reading this right now. I just want to let you know I really appreciate you stopping by to check out my blog. I’m celebrating a tiny victory at the end of this year, and it has to do with you! My blog got more visitors in the month…

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Roam if you want to

Woooo I’ve been a busy little jumping bean! In the past month, I moved out of the room I was renting and into a cab over camper. Naturally, this process hasn’t gone smoothly at all, and I’m writing this post on my phone in an auto shop waiting room because my old truck needs new…

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