Is it an oxymoron to be fixated on impermanence?

“In today’s world, it is increasingly difficult for any institution- religions, universities, newspapers, manufacturers, or even music genres like punk rock- to cling too stubbornly to absolutist principles of what “should be.” The changes that dictate “what is”- including the creative combinations that come from vastly enhanced social networks- are occurring with blinding speed. It…

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Twentysomehing wisdom

I find myself saying something like “you’re probably too young to remember that…” or “just you wait a few years…” pretty much at least once a day recently. Does anyone else in their late 20s do this?!?

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January 19, 2012; The NYU Psilocybin Cancer Project It’s a Saturday night, and I’m sitting around watching a lecture. This is not at all related to any of the classes I’m currently taking. BEAT THAT NERDINESS!

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Lonely ghosts of crazy people

So, after the exhaust pipe fell off my car on Valentines Day, I was forced to have it repaired, which was horrible news for my wallet, but in effect has left me with a vehicle that’s actually safe to drive >10 miles at once. To celebrate, I drove to Philadelphia this past weekend to visit…

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First Trail Run of 2012!

Also- First Run At All of 2012. I haven’t been a total lazy ass, I’ve just haven’t been running. I was trying to put on some muscle, mostly in my upper body, and couldn’t manage a running routine combined with strength workouts. The more time I spend running, the more time I need to spend…

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