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happy to be alive

Yesterday was my 35th birthday. I have to say, it was the best one yet. Maybe it was because I had so many other things to celebrate this time — like the fact that my partner’s property miraculously remained safe after a raging wildfire threatened to destroy everything he spent the past year and a…

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Paiute Meadows 50k Race Report

After a rough start to my 2018 race season, Paiute Meadows 50k was a great success and excellent way to start the year. Like any ultra, there was nothing easy about this race. But there wasn’t anything particularly painful or tedious about it either, which kind of sets Paiute Meadows apart from some other ultras…

Running to the finish at Paiute Meadows 50k

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Turn and face the strange

Happy Good Friday and almost Easter. I’m just coming off a little break from blogging. Call it winter hibernation. Actually, I did intend to write sooner. Initially about my goals for this year. And then about how my main goal was to be less competitive. But then, time passed and I realized I’m already not…

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