Turn and face the strange

Happy Good Friday and almost Easter. I’m just coming off a little break from blogging. Call it winter hibernation. Actually, I did intend to write sooner. Initially about my goals for this year. And then about how my main goal was to be less competitive. But then, time passed and I realized I’m already not […]

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Weed Run For Food 2017 First Female Steinheimer

Weed Run for Food Thanksgiving 5k Race Review

This year’s Thanksgiving was amazing. So much better than last year, when I spent my entire Thanksgiving driving alone (with my dog, of course) across the most desolate corners of Oregon and Nevada on my way back home to New Jersey, resting briefly at a truck stop for a depressing dinner of greasy pizza. Thinking […]

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The Mail Lady Diaries

Last week I quit another job. I started delivering mail in Dunsmuir about a month ago, thinking a part-time job with USPS would be an easy way to earn a steady paycheck and get me out of the house after my summer of ditching work to play outside left me broke and craving structure. And […]

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SOB 50k finish line Lauren Steinheimer

SOB 50k Race Report

A pirate wearing a Utilikilt. Chunks of glazed donuts. Twitter hashtags galore. You’re either wandering the hollow subconscious of that douchebag in the White House… or running one of the 2017 Siskiyou Outback trail races in Ashland, Oregon. This past weekend I was doing the latter (and totally crushing it-btw.) It was my very first […]

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