My fedora is all bent out of shape. It’s time to leave Brooklyn

For now, anyway.

I was working four part-time jobs and still not able to keep my head above water. More than that, it just feels like time to go..

But really, no. This song:

the one I always have on repeat when I’m getting ready to make a move, just isn’t what I’m feeling anywhere in my body this time. I don’t feel like I’m giving up or running away from anything. I’ve just given it enough time to let something sprout and got nada. It makes sense to move on. I’m heading back to my parents’ house temporarily while I work some things out.

I do love Brooklyn, though. I’ve had so much fun here, and plan to take full advantage of my last week. I’m going to explore as much as I want to without worrying about dropping my plans at the last minute to rush to a  job interview or apartment showing. I’m tired of being everyone’s bitch. It’s party time.

Today I ran across the Brooklyn Bridge. Super touristy, and way too congested for running, but the cables looked like a giant spider web, and that’s alluring to me. And I must day, after cursing out the tourists under my breath most of the way, once I got to the area with a nice view of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, I also stopped in my tracks and had to linger for a while. Awestruck.

I’m living in the best city in the world.

The agenda for this week includes Brooklyn Museum and Botanical Gardens, the Spiders exhibit at the Museum of Natural History (my faves!!), The Intrepid, and more running, duh.

This past week was cmj crazy music fest-ness w00t! So grateful I was in the city for cmj at least once in my life. Even more grateful that I got to see Happy People TWICE. Twice is nice.

Happy who, you ask? Anyone who has hung out with me, followed me on Facebook, or ridden in my car in the past several months knows that I’v been obsessed with Paulson recently. The little defunct band from North Jerz oozing with talent that never really made it beyond the NJ scene because of some bureaucratic baloney. The band I saw for the first time over 10 years ago at a show I didn’t even want to go to because I was already happily rocking out at a different show. But after their set I was immensely grateful that I went, and not only because my ride went, too.

I doubt I would have made it through this past summer without Paulson’s album All At Once.  So many of it’s songs comforted my heart and encouraged me in all the right ways. No joke, the disc hardly left my car’s cd player for over two months.

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